Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feeling ICKY

Had my bottom wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday. Recovery was going smooth until the evening on the second day. I had prepared a yummy crockpot dinner that I was hoping even I could eat. I remember we were just about to sit down to eat, I turned around and tried to look at my husband. When I could only see out of one of my eyes. I knew right then I was getting a migraine. I ran quickly to grab my prescription migraine medicine, hoping that I caught it in time. I think mixed with my other meds that it was just hopeless and bound to be a painful night! I managed to get some food down me and than ran upstairs to lay down. Within a few hours I felt we'll enough to sit up, but not for very long. The next day (third day recovering from surgery) I felt even worse. My head was throbbing, no energy, my face had swelled up even more and I was extremely nauseous. Now, with having an extra day to rest. I am feeling much better and I am eager to return to work and work these next few days before my vacation. This experience however benign it is. I am so grateful for my health and my families health. I can't imagine going through serious health problems emotionally and  financially. 

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