Thursday, February 25, 2016

Coping through tragedy

I have come to learn that papercrafting is not just a hobby for me to make pretty things. It has also served as a coping mechanism for me.

Making a keepsake book to document this experience. Including thoughts and feelings we've all had has really helped me work through the grief of losing our unborn baby. Unfortunately I cannot share all the journaling pages. They are just too personal, but I can share a few of the other pages that I put together to preserve the memory of the pregnancy. 

It was a very happy time on our lives. We had been trying to extend our family for months and finally we were expecting our second child. Excitement and happiness are understatements for what we were all feeling. 

We also had our first Disneyland vacation planned. It was the day before we were suppose to leave for the first part of the vacation when we got the news. We had lost our unborn baby at 12 weeks. It was the single most devastating experience I have ever been through. The overwhelming sadness was ready to consume me.  On top of it all, we had a huge trip planned. 

We were faced with multiple hard decisions and one of them being whether to go forward with the trip. We managed to find the strength to go. Mostly for our little girl. It was a decision we did not regret. The vacation was good for us and gave us more strength to face what was ahead when we returned home. 

Although this post is extremely personal. It is also a step for me to work through the pain of this loss. 


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