Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall photo day

Now that it's fall...the lighting is less harsh and the colors are so beautiful. I have become more excited and motivated to learn more about my camera and fancy lens' that I spend so much of my money on! Today I took my daughter to a local park thats...umm "ok" for the scenery. The plus is there are also toys she can play on. Bonus for the bribery. She did pretty good looking at the camera. The best I could expect from a 3 year old. But after a some odd/scary encounters with crazy geese, their poop, a very explicit group of confrontation grunge teens we got these photos.

I of course held up my part of the bargain (even though it was past dinner time) and let Maci play on the toys. Before we started we made a pinky promise to listen to mommy and when it's time to go, it's time to go. She has been a very good listener lately and I felt that she'd hold up her "pinky promise" Boy was I every wrong. I ended up having to take her out kicking and screaming. In front of 30 kids and parents. That's always fun. And then I look over to see a photographer that we know from events and such. So it wasn't embarrassing at all. Nope I feel great! 

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