Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pretty Messes

Really...I can't believe I'm sharing pictures of some of my crafty messes!! But I have am excited to share an after. If I can ever get there. 

Going through my products and purging is bittersweet for me. I spend so much money on buying all the cute NEW products. That I get so excited to use. When I'm sure you all know of the vicious cycle of this craft and I can spare you the details. So what I have been doing with my older product is, my LSS has table sales every couple of months where I can sell my stuff and in turn get credit for new goodies. But they will be closing soon...SAD DAY! I don't even want to think about that. But nonetheless it is happening. So therefore I will be hitting the next table sale HARD. So I am massively purging my old to make room for new!! Yaaaay. So I should be posting pictures of a less chaotic space and a more open and clutter free craft room! 

Valentines Day Mini

I was brave when I used my sewing machine to bind this book together. I broke my last machine binding a book together. Eeek!!! I was feeling risky! Lucky for me, it worked! But I love love love the colors in this line. It is a crate paper line from last year, but I'm trying to challenge myself to get through some of my "older lines" I talk all the time about how hard of a time I have using my cute products. I just let them sit there and every once in a while pull them out and ooh and aww over all the cuteness (insert awkward laugh)! 

I hope you've been inspired today! Thanks for stopping by!