Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project Scraproom OVERHAUL

In the last 6 month leading up to and after our wedding/honeymoon, all of the keepsakes, momentos, cards, lists, basically anything that is sentimental. Which is everything is up in my scrap room. Its all piling up in anything and everything. All of my new product and studio calico kits have just been stacking up right along with everything else Along with my projects and lists of projects. It is a crafters nightmare! So I usually take pictures. A before and after, but this time I think I will only do after photos. My "goal" is really to make it more functional and less cluttered. More organized as opposed to shoving things in places and here's the hard part...taking it out of the bags I purchased the items in:( I think in my head it becomes less new and not as inspiring?? My train of thought is backwards I know. I openly admit that I hoard scrapbook stuff lol! Only my fellow scrappers can really relate to me :) on the other hand I am super excited about new product that was in my mail box when we got back from Hawaii. Ad I did unpack "most" of it and get it put away. Here's a picture of some of my new goodies. Top of the list to play with are my new kp stamps. You can fine Kelly Purkey stamps here.

Here are my newest items. Most is from Part Time Sally and it was all 50% off!! See you soon with pictures of Hawaii and the new and improved creative space!


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