Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The card with the scraps

I submitted this card for the STUDIO CALICO ( I know I'm obsessed with SC) use your scraps card challenge. I actually really love how it turned out. And I feel great about using up my supplies that normally just go right in the bag and sit there until the end of...well there hasn't been an end. So I guess I just hoard them. I seem to be okay with that most days. Insert "giggle" But to get back on track. I don't haven't been the best card maker in the past. I consider myself a pretty experienced crafter as far as the paper and scissors are concerned. But cards...never my thing.

I have unlocked the secret to my "card block" Yes I am going to refer to it as a diagnosis. I am ready for new projects, like cards. I feel good about making cards when I don't have to cut up my beautiful 12x12 paper that I so love! Hence my scraps and 6x6 paper pads have been my solution. Double win. I use everything and someone special gets the handmade creation by: ME. I am talking about it like it's some secret thing that scraps and 6x6 = cards. But it really has been an enormous break through for me and I am both excited and inspired to just keep creating. It's like discovering a whole new craft! When really it's been within my reach this entire time I've been a scrapbooker.

I will be sure to keep everyone up to date on the ol' card journey that I am on and VERY excited about!

See ya soon!

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