Sunday, February 28, 2016

Courage layout

The story of this layout would have to center around the alpha stamp set that ibises for the title. I have had my Studio Calico alphabet stamp set for years. In fact, I emailed them about this prtucular set due to it being unavailable outside of kits that were sold out. I wanted them SO BAD. And let me just say, their customer service is so awesome and I'm fact mailed me the set shortly after. So why has it taken me years to use the set??? Have you ever bought something you love so much you don't want to use it??? I hope your saying yes to that right now. LOL! But that was the case for me. I just like to look at the set and admire it's beauty in all the possibilities the stamps had. 

Turned out the alpha set was just too perfect for this layout. So I dusted them off and bit the bullet so to speak and had a lot of fun using them!  

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